About the Sports Parent Pledge

Headlines and news articles are filled with examples of youth sports gone wrong, from parents kicked out of games for unruly behavior to coaches tripping young athletes from opposing teams. These incidents are occurring every week nationwide and it is evident that many adults have lost focus on what youth sports is all about: learning about teamwork and perseverance; adopting a healthy, active lifestyle; and, most importantly, having fun and making friends. But you don't have to be lumped in with these individuals ruining youth sports.

In fact, you can help turn around these shocking behaviors that are becoming commonplace and representative of today's youth sports culture. Similar to how a drop of water ripples throughout a puddle, acts of positivity in youth sports can affect a team's environment and spread throughout the league - and even the whole community! It only needs one person to start. Will that person be you? Sign up for the Sports Parent Pledge for a free six-part email series packed with resources and tips you can use to be a positive change in youth sports!

Take the Sports Parent Pledge

I pledge to promote positivity in youth sports and act as a role model to my child, as well as other participants and sports parents I meet. I will serve as an advocate for good sportsmanship and to keep fun and learning at the center of the youth sports experience. I will try to improve upon my youth sports knowledge so that I can be an informative leader in the youth sports community.

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